What I had written have accidentally deleted so must try to recall what it was I had to say. Well what is left starts

… and easily misunderstood. None the wiser But here at least is the link to the article by Fabiana that I had stumbled on. A reminder that how we view our experiences as important as what they actually are.

And now the words that remained.
Why did I find this now? Why did I choose to share? What is there to regret? What is there to learn?

As I wandered further on my internet travels realised it was perhaps not these questions I was meant to dwell on today. They were simply on the road to faith or rather “Not conviction but devotion.” Puzzled here explained.Not necessarily the answer for me but comfort in knowing I alone do not struggle.

Have a restful day




Here an enthusiast who set up Wheely Good Fitness how could I resist. Easily, my immediate response but perhaps this time will shift perception and enjoy the ‘burn’. Or at least persevere to enjoy benefits if not the action.

Have a good day


be kind

Today had a plan. A pact to exercise made with a friend not just myself. But not reporting success.. I have excuses clothed as reasons I could share but that is what they are I will not pretend otherwise to you or me. Would I have accepted them as reasons if in paid employment or sighed at yet another lame tale. Maybe though as suggested to me I would have been kind, though enabling folly is not kindness. Wisdom is to know when to encourage more and when to step back.

Day not yet over so still time to change this day from failure to success. Best stop this distraction and start now.

Have a good day