Today’s music choice not a political statement simply a retro reminder of past times

🎉🎁🎈  Happy Birthday Frere 🎈😎🎉
Blow those candles out time for cake.

Have a great day



let it go

Not a day for words. Emotionally exhausted time to retrench. Perhaps choice should be ‘dig in’  rather than ‘let it go’ . But chose this version with many languages as it reminds me of son across the seas. Shutting my eyes and listening to this I can feel him close by.

Have a good day


listen to music

Today’s choice one of my son’s current favourites. New place. Could say much about what those two words  means to me and how I’m trying to get there. But for today no need to say more. Just listen to the music.

Have a good day



Time has passed so quickly even though every day counted.  No banner or balloons but yesterday celebrated. Every morning imagine his voice in my head.  No need today – “Ohayou mum.”  May be an all too short stay but “Welcome home son.”

Have a good day


be by your side

Today was to be change,  a review of year past but as started tapping remembered the strap line from a departmental reorganisation – Continuity and Change . It was not the intent of those proposals but why not let  continuity shine. I may have failed to change as I wished – to be less controlling ,more spontaneous but today I can celebrate reliable and dependable instead. Tomorrow I can embrace change. Music maestro.

Have a good day