Reminded this morning that laughter is as important to restoring health as sleep. Alongside those exercises can practise smiling and a good laughing workout. Not quite sure why sometimes a situation can prompt tears of laughter and yet another day indifferent puzzlement as to what was funny. Guess those switches in our heads are sometimes up and sometimes down.

I have 80 more words but they can be carried forward like annual leave to use in an emergency when otherwise work would make a demand. Not quite the same but close enough and ..,.  Now just 43 remain. Why if I just tap a few more then 30. If I start to countdown then will reach target albeit poorly specified for that to be true. No matter twenty nine, twenty eight , twenty seven, 26,25,24,23,22, 21, … Ten,nine,eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, done.

Have a fun day



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