love life

” They believe they have full control over how they interpret what they perceive. They see the world the way they choose to see it because they understand the power such a skill has. We all live in a reality of our own construction. Some of us just construct our realities better than others.”  

Paul Hudson – Elite Daily 

Today a lazy post just a link to 10 Things That The People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently. Or at least that was the intent but did not prove so as original link sent you to Climb a mountain  maybe a good an answer as any but then spent effort correcting as you might have been confused not amused if I had left.

So, food for thought? Wise words? Guess the irony is if you’re already living life this way then you wouldn’t bother to read an article like this.  If reading, seeking an answer to how to love life more, then you’re already doing something those who effortlessly loves life by this definition wouldn’t do. Me I’m just working each day on constructing my reality. But whoever you are …..

Have a good day



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