count the days

… or hours or is it years. Whatever chose looking forwards or back . Current fashion is for neither but to be in the moment. Harder than it would seem. Try it , can you experience this moment not wander off to a time past or yet to come. Even as I write this find myself thinking what next on to do list , shifting focus away from this experience, this now. What would it feel like to just live now? Alarm rings, time for today.

Have a good day



2 thoughts on “count the days

  1. “What would it feel like to just live now?” Perhaps like dementia. My mother has advanced dementia. She always seems happy, just living in the here and now. On the other hand, one of the other residents with advanced dementia is often crying.

    • Ah.. but are they living in the now or in a happy or sad past moment remembered. Will we ever know?

      As for happiness or sadness maybe that reflects who we are not what we experience.

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