intervene in a situation without invitation or necessity.

“she tried not to interfere in her children’s lives”

synonyms: butt into, barge into, pry into, nose into, be nosy about, intrude into, intervene in, get involved in, intercede in, encroach on, impinge on, impose oneself on; meddle in, tamper with; tread on someone’s toes.

There was me trying to help when son pointed out he had made no request so I was interfering. I must agree that uninvited assistance may be neither wanted or welcome. The  dictionary too agrees with his view but does that mean one can never help another unless a request is made. If wish to help another,  how then to secure an invitation? Today a question not an answer. I will see what wisdom the internet has to share another day.

Have a good day

Hope you take my daily sign off as intended, no intention to interfere by telling you what you should do.

Have a great day.



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