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“Imagine you are a young, blond, slim, attractive, popular, funny, rich, normal woman. You are sitting on the train on your way home from a long day’s work modeling at Vogue. Out of nowhere you suddenly start to smell something very strange, like rotting egg sandwiches. In fact this smell makes you feel quite sick. …….”

 Victoria @ Migraine Monologues

Today’s first hoice was ‘stop’ and a blank page, worn down by weather and adapting to IOS 8 but on one last wander came across a blog I wanted to share with you. A fellow traveller on the blog to get your life back journey. Generously sharing what she has learnt along the way. Placebo it may be but I think if I start to look will find evidence that  ‘blogging’ is surprisingly effective pain relief nonetheless.

As for stopping and saying farewell, I’ll take one day at a time, and just call time for today.

Have a good day



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