try something new

Why before what. Why because it is one of the suggestions from today’s internet wander that found 10 Ways to Embrace Change. This tip seemed as good a place to start as any. Could have chosen to work through them in turn but if spontaneity order of day shouldn’t simply start at beginning of a list. After all that would represent the orderly approach to life that I am trying to discard.


So having explained why chose “something new today” need to address what. Not so easy. The familiar is comfortable, not aware I really want something new. Will scrambled eggs, toasted muffins, crispy bacon instead of porridge make me a better person living a better life. Not convinced. Perhaps to properly embrace change’s challenge it should be tofu with fish and rice soaked in soya sauce. Can but try. And for those who crave new experiences here some different breakfast choices to try.

Have a good day



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