take a journey

The journey has many moods.

It has no plan…just a direction, felt in a moment by the heart.

Nothing is assured or certain.

But in some sense, everything is promised.

Hope does rise like the sun, though some days cloud.

On the way, we’re never more than half-knowing, blind corners appear… but we’re still whole-hearted with kind, calm energy offered to now.

And more concerned about creating space within, than in making huge strides without.

We keep on going, carrying what we carry, but putting it down sometimes to rest.

Along the way, we may become people in whom God can dance.

The journey by Simon Parke

Today the words of another traveller for which I am grateful. Leaving me free to play or pray. This journey has many moods and no plan too. Dip into Parke’s blog or books to find more or yourself.

Have a good day


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