be grateful

Except sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I am resentful of enforced kindness, well meant but nonetheless leaving me feeling angry, sad or disappointed. Annoyance that I’m being forced to show enthusiasm for a gift or gesture I do not want or need. Something that was ‘for me’ except if that were so it would not be or done. Thoughtful and thoughtless somehow switched in my head. I have to exercise discipline while resentment bubbles, smile, say thank you and hope feelings will pass with nothing said. Will I feel better if I try to reject the offer? Rarely, as I’m in a position where I am then being unreasonable not grateful.  Does an internet wander have any insight or tips? There is nothing except advice to try to be grateful. So today, I will be grateful for 10minute limit and rest of day for what is done.

Have a good day



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