write my blog

Today was struggling to find a topic lots of possibilities but nothing felt quite riight. Eventually time running out turned to food and in finding homemade pizza, pleasantly surprised. Given my own children’s enthusiasm how could I resist a homage to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Perfect and there were words too.

“……This whole blog process has been an interesting one in that I find every now and then I lose track with why I’m doing it. It’s like, the minute I get any sort of recognition or there’s pressure from the outside world I, all of a sudden, aim my intention over to more results like that. The huge downside to this is that it means I’m no longer doing it shamelessly for myself, and that’s the whole point of this thing in the first place. As much as I want to write to you and share with you I also wanted to create and write for myself…..” Julie at Feeling Peckish

Words that resonated and made me smile that I was not alone with my thoughts. Guess we all have a deep desire for approval no matter how hard we may try to shake it or pretend otherwise. A desire though to be just for ourselves too. So for now I feel no guilt if today’s words are not what others wanted, this blog  to reflects my ups, downs, dead ends, discoveries of life. Whether it is good or bad misses the point. Anyone for homemade pizza?

Have a good day


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