imageIf you opened my memory box what would you find. Is there a box large enough to keep all the ‘things ‘ that I could gather as I pass through life? I think not. Everything I touch could easily prompt a memory, a recollection of a day past, a reminder of a moment that will never return. Being selective too much of a challenge. If you open the box all you will find are three wedding rings, my grandmothers, my mothers and mine. The rest of my memories stored in my head, though that too overflows by now.

Today my older son is far away but today can remember a Mother’s Day treat. As my other son  pushed me, across the park coming towards us a young man who reminded me of my son. We got closer and closer and I can still feel that moment when the young man stopped looking like him and was him. How can you put that in the box? The leaf picked up by the oak tree has faded and grown brittle but the memory still as vibrant and uplifting as that day. Those moments recalled when either of them returns home keeps me warm on chilly days. Feel free to fill your memory box as you wish but I will fill mine with memories. These words can be my memory box too.

Have a peaceful day



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