be happy

Today was going to have a lazy day. Spoilt for choice with internet advice on how to be happy. Here for example a top link 10 Ways to be Happier but then decided also to look back on what I had learnt last time I wrote.

“Practise,practise,practise.  especially on the down days when drowning in sorrow. Treat being happy like any other skill to be mastered . Work at it and then work harder. No excuses. Did you do your grateful list yesterday, random act of kindness , eat well ,smile, …. Get my point ….Nobody said it would be easy …..”

As you can see found tips were simple eat well, sleep, be grateful, be kind …… all that was required was application. So go on turn up the corners of your mouth as those familiar words appear again. Just do it. Don’t worry be happy…..

Have a good day



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