count to ten

“When angry count to ten before you speak.      If very angry, count to one hundred.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Today a simple anger management tip that has stood the test of time and changes in fashion. I’m not surprised as I’ve always found numbers to be good friends who speak to me, calming me, encouraging me and sharing with me their secrets too.imageToday let me also introduce you to Count von Count , a man with a passion for numbers.  So now when feeling battered by the day’s challenges you can just think of the Count, smile and count to ten too.

Have a good day



do nothing

Does permission to do nothing give you permission to do anything? Whether it does or not today this is all you get make of it what you will.

imageWhy? Because today is a day to sit in sun with friends and put the world to right. Can we succeed where others have failed? Can we even agree on what that perfect world would look like. Yes and No. Maybe. Time.

Have a nice day


be grateful

Today grateful for the technology that lets me stand beside son when he is far away. Seeing what he can see. We both can travel and when tired stop and admire the view. imageAn armchair adventure you may say but I say it still gives pleasure nonetheless. What after all are dreams but reality and imagination blurred.

Have a good day


bake cakes

Today reflecting on the importance of tea and cake as a means of staying sane. That time when I put aside cares and relax. Turned to Deliah and Nigel for a cake recipe but found Blame it on the Brioche  instead . Wish her luck in following her( or is it his) dream.

imageOnce found how could I not chose Carrot cake  probably my favourite cake a reminder of brunch with a dear friend.  I admit I favour walnuts over pecans so will search for friend’s  recipe to share that with you too.
Have a delicious day


be angry

Today, taking it easy. Just listen to the music. No words from me , no link to anger management, nothing more . Anger and weariness can go hand in hand.

I said no advice today but if you can find your sense of humour then often the battle won.

Have a good day


see Art


Today prompted by article on deafblind artist Arthur Ellis. He creates by seeing in his head not by looking at the paper. He cannot see the art he creates but others enjoy. I could learn from the way he has taken his brain over compensating and turned a perpetual nightmare into something positive.  His world now populated sometimes by strange images and bizarrely cartoonish apparitions. Hallucinations which at first were terrifying but he  now accepts are his mind playing tricks and not to be feared. He gains pleasure from what he does rather than focus on what he has lost and cannot see.

So, to tame those inner demons I will speak to them firmly but not get into a debate. I will let them influence tapping these keys but I will not let them stop me living my life.

Have a good day