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As they say, tomorrow is another day. Yesterday reflected on whether an application of technology addressed the problem. Much to my surprise a response was staring at me when reading Metro later that day. Story on launch of an app – Donate Locate – developed by The Connection at St Martins (a charity which helps homeless people) in partnership with Soul marketing agency.

“The app plans to revolutionise the way in which people and charities can help a homeless person.” So what does this app do? Homelessness charities often warn the public not to give to homeless people on the street because the money is often spent irresponsibly on drugs and alcohol, which in turn sustains the person’s homelessness. However, the Donate Locate app will enable users to donate a small amount of their choice (£1, £3 or £5) directly to the charity when they see a homeless person, whilst simultaneously using geo-location technology to notify the charity of the location of the homeless person so an outreach team can find and help them.

So there you are. Today’s affirmation can be about finding solutions not problems. Do what you need, want, must do.

Have a good day



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