read the News

“One of the UK’s biggest waste companies is fitting cameras to its vehicles in a bid to reduce the number of homeless people killed after sleeping rough in industrial-sized wheelie bins.

Biffa says that its crews found 93 people sleeping in rubbish last year. It says the cameras, fitted to 140 of its 800 trucks, would remind staff to check bins before emptying them. Last year four people sheltering in bins died when they were tipped into the back of trucks.”   BBC News

This blog a politics free zone. Whether that is so we can debate as today I share the fact that I can be perplexed by ‘the news’ I read. It can set off an internal debate with questions but no answers, an uncomfortable sense of something not quite right. As well, in case you wondered a sense of cynicism as to what is truth. In this case commendable that the waste company wishes to take action but …. If you were in charge how would you legislate to make this a better world? Can kindness, compassion, generosity, be imposed? Time for today. Do what you need,want, must do.

Have a nice day


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