Trees resonate deeply in the souls of millions of people. That Tree spoke to photographer Mark Hirsch of patience and dedication, hidden beauty and personal healing. Hirsch was in a car crash almost died and was left unable to work. One day, on his way home in the middle of a snow storm,something about That Tree caught his eye. He does not know why that day but decided to make a photo of That Tree every day for a year. Before sunrise, after sunset, anytime really, he was there waiting and watching, taking note of the simple beauty he had missed for so long. That Tree taught him to slow down, take time to look around and appreciate the almost, but not quite, hidden beauty that abounds in our world. Sometimes even in your own backyard.

Why the That Tree blog came to be touched a chord. A connection to why felt as well as link to nature understood. ‘Mindful moments’ in modern jargon but actions of observing what is around us as old as time. Recognise satisfaction of looking at a picture to remind there is much to be grateful for. Find here the tale of a lonely bur oak tree. Lonely no more with thousands of Facebook friends.!/photosofthattree

And here the book

Have a good day



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