take control

“The universe might be in control of what’s going on in my body, but I’m in control of what’s going on in my blog.”

Alright Tit by Lisa Lynch

I struggled today, not to chose the topic, it was determined to have its day, but what to call this post. ‘Read a blog’ too lame ‘be inspired’ didn’t feel quite right. She blogged for her the benefit for me incidental. What am I talking about? ‘The C-Word’ BBC drama about a personal battle, a short life ended as they say too soon. It has been all over the news, along with royal baby and boxing as election diversion. Interestingly a pretty good NHS advert no scandal there.

Can this story be inspiring and full of hope when it doesn’t have a fairy tale happy ending. I struggled to accept it still could but know that is only if I miss the point. If I ignore the power of sheer bloody minded enthusiasm and dark humour to support. This blog a timely reminder I can feel better not by taking control of life, that’s a challenge that I will fail but by taking responsibility for how I feel which is in my gift. Cliche but true it’s about the journey and how we choose to travel not the final destination. Read the book, watch the drama, follow the link but me I’m going today to try to love and live life. There’s a soundbite to raise a wry smile from those who have followed me so far.

Have a good day



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