look back

“What if I can’t turn my head? I can look in any direction by turning my wheelchair, and I choose to look back. Rodman to the contrary notwithstanding, that is the only direction we can learn from.”
Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose

I’m not today looking back wistfully on what might have been. That way madness lies. No looking back to learn how to move forward, to enjoy again precious moments, to capture a sense of distance travelled when it can feel as though I have stood still. On many days I have been drawn back pulled by an invisible hand. I have learnt though the importance of not staying in the past comforting as it may be when the future looks cold and uninviting. To recognise that both are illusions the mind could transpose and change where comfort will be. So I will choose today to turn the wheelchair in the direction I want to go not only spin it to face where I have been.

Have a nice day



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