be independent

A return, independence  after all is something we as a society value for states and individuals. A yardstick against which we judge parenting skills and our own success. Mental and behavioural independence, the ability to think and make own decisions and choices well developed but what of survival skills , the ability to keep safe and look after self. Are choices now limited by weak survival skills. For some it seems possible to separate. To keep sense of self while depending on others for daily survival.

Writing has prompted me though to think more broadly about what I mean. Frustrated by asking someone else to make tea but interdependence of course is a fact of life for all. I don’t grow the food I eat or produce the electricity and gas to keep me warm but this would not be seen as compromising my independence in this modern world. No interdependence is essential. Maybe today’s return was to allow me to see that independence is relative and personal not absolute and judged by others.

Could leave it there but the bad music is quite catchy.

Have a good day



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