Time yes, inclination no. 284 million can’t be wrong can they about how vital twitter is to our lives. I too can see power of an easy way of communicating with millions anywhere in world but less sure the content being transmitted is contributing to health and wellbeing. How can the PM congratulating a football team on reaching the FA cup final be a step towards world peace and ending poverty. What lesson is there to be gained from this triumph. After all for them to succeed someone else had to lose. Football may be a team sport but there are still clearly winners and losers and prima donnas it’s not about how you play the game. Oh dear , got distracted, well outside the 140 character twitter limit and only touched surface of capturing ambivalence towards social networking in this way.

But as granny would say ,”if you can’t beat them join them” so will finish by at least trying to fit a thought for today into twitter constraint.

If you put me in a room with internet and shut the door.Is it still freedom or does it become a prison?Must you feel life not just see it #whatisfreedom

Have a nice day



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