boil an egg

“Place the eggs into a saucepan that is the right size so that they sit comfortably and don’t crash into one another (and as an extra precaution, to prevent cracking you can prick the round end of the shell with a pin) then and add enough cold water to cover them by about 1cm.

Bring the water up to boiling point then turn to a simmer, put a timer on for 6 minutes if you like a bit of squidgy in the centre, 7 minutes if you like them cooked through. As soon as they are cooked drain off the hot water.

Then, the most important part is to cool them rapidly under cold running water. Let the cold tap run over them for about 1 minute, then leave them in cold water till they’re cool enough to handle – about 2 minutes. This rapid cooling helps to prevent dark rings forming between the yolk and the white. “

There you are courtesy of Deliah the perfect boiled egg. Leaving nothing to chance she even goes on…

“To peel them crack the shells all over on a hard surface. Then peel the shell off starting at the wide end. After peeling rinse again in case there are any bits of shell still clinging.”

Now she really is leaving you on your own though I expect how to slice a boiled egg is available if I looked.

Ok you say , there has always been a topic mix but why today such a basic skill. Firstly, for just that reason to not ignore importance of basic skills and simple tips. But the reason it came to mind was thinking about all those 5-10 minute waiting times and need to use them wisely. No time I may claim for a quiet moments meditation and reflection. But there is the time those minutes while waiting for kettle to boil before making tea. Time having set timer while boiling an egg. By the way I hate it when the white is runny and prefer poached to boiled if given a choice. Time though to call time so poaching an egg will have to be a lesson for another day.

Have a thoughtful day.



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