roller skate

Why roller skating you might ask knowing adventure and me are not old friends. Here the tale. Once upon a time a dear friend was banned from skating as a child because she had operations on her feet and wasn’t to risk undoing the surgeons hard work. Fast forward the years and as a rebellious teen she decided yolo and put on skates. Hated it but at least never skating again was then her choice. A tale told when musing on fear of falling. So what is to be learnt from this. Try things even if people say you can’t , face your fears, make choices not let others make them for you. You choose.

As for the roller skating not sure it’s going to make it onto my to-do list anytime soon. “Be prepared to fall” may be good life advice but less convinced by assertion “it doesn’t hurt, the fear of falling is worse than the fall itself.” Guess I would have had a different life if I had believed that too. Anyway for you thrill seekers here the first lesson.

And with a little practice who knows what you’ll be able to do.

Have a good day



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