Today on vacation. Recycle chosen as just an excuse to finally introduce Cyber Nag after all these weeks. A kindred spirit on this topic and others too. “Waste not want not “, words my own mother would oft say and so I live my life. Here Cybernag’s thoughts,

Once found a blog to explore. But why you still might ask the need for an introduction. Well, the boys know me as Nagmum from their college days so how could I resist the blogger who describes herself thus
” My firstborn gave me the title of Cybermom when I began nagging him through emails while he was in college. The rest of the family also complained that I nagged. I can’t help it; it is part of me. But what with the boys having flown the coop, the poor Lord and Master (L&M) was left to bear the brunt of all that nagging. Then the younger one came home on a holiday and had a brainwave. He started a blog for me so that I could go online and nag the world at large! When he asked me to give a name to the blog, I didn’t have to think twice – and so Cyber Nag was born.”

Had there not been ‘Cyber Nag’ already then ‘Now I have time to’ would never have been born. I suspect ‘The Adventures of Nagmum’ might have been a very different journey.

Have a good day



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