be more flexible

Sorry to disappoint if you thought today was going to include a favourite yoga routine. Tips on how to use the locust position to “increase spine flexibility, strengthen back muscles, open shoulders, and stimulate central nervous system”. No that’s for tomorrow. Today realisation that need to work harder (or even smarter) at mental flexibility to happily face life’s challenges. Much advice as ever. How could I resist Acorn Stash’s tips. Name no guarantee of quality but passed the ‘made me smile’ test. What after all makes an expert in the field of life. Here with disclaimer you are

What am I actually going to do though. Words easier than action. When presented with a challenge to routine will count to ten instead of immediate defence of status quo and rejection of plan b. Will listen instead of just waiting to speak. Will relinquish control and also right to say I told you so…..On a roll but time limit is there for a good reason.

Have a good day



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