listen to music

Today quiet and peaceful just the hum of the fridge as I sit in the sun. Could have chosen symbols or rituals, matzos or painted eggs but instead music. Why this? A googled recommendation, that struck a chord. The composer an atheist but still choosing to represent the passion and faith of others. He wrote that he wanted to capture ‘the transition from the solemnity and mystery of the evening of Passion Saturday to the unbridled pagan-religious celebrations of Easter Sunday morning’. Has he succeeded?

Have a peaceful day



2 thoughts on “listen to music

  1. I was wrong-footed. There is a problem with this website. It often shows the wrong video to accompany text. So, instead of the Rimsky-Korsakov overture, as I think you intended, it was showing the earlier Bob Marley video you had linked to. I looked at the lyrics of the Marley and was about to write, “What has this got to do with Easter …….. “. Only when I called up the reply screen did the video change. Now I am at a loss for words. As i try to think, family calls. The lad wants to know where we are going today – and when.

  2. p.s. Silly me. Bob Marley’s Exodus has got a lot to do with Easter. Exodus started with Passover. Passover became Easter.

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