skip a day

International Ditch Day (or Senior Skip Day, Senior Ditch Day, or Senior Cut Day) is a tradition in most American and Canadian high schools where the majority of the senior class skip school on a pre-determined day, usually to spend the day at an amusement park or other resort.

The most frequently chosen day is the day before Prom or the following Monday. Other days popular for seniors to ditch include the day after Halloween, the day before election day, the day after the Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo, and the day before Spring Break.

Decided to play hookey, were it not for wiki then today you would be looking at blank page but out there in the ether whatever you key into google something pops out. There are answers to most questions. Not so good on why but no doubt that will come with version 2001.1342.1

I’m planning a nice relaxing day. Have a good day too



One thought on “skip a day

  1. Some schools have taken actions to prevent students from skipping school on Ditch Day, including dispatching police officers to bring the Ditch Day students back to school. For public schools in the US, Ditch Day could mean the loss of school funding, as funding is tied to school attendance. In some cases, schools have suspended or expelled offenders.

    You were wise not to skip this day.

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