lose sleep

Today confused by the clocks going forward. Unconvinced this spring ritual is of benefit , having worked so hard these past months to try to establish a natural rhythm. Interesting how in a civilised society we play with sleep as if changing the clock will fix the world.. An election promise, a 24/7 NHS but what of those who will now have their sleep disrupted . A form of torture is to deprive a person of sleep yet careless promises are made with no thought to the dreams lost of others. Today grumpy sleep confused me would wish to turn the clock not forward but back to simpler times.

Have a good night



One thought on “lose sleep

  1. Yeh, what’s wrong with permanent GMT? It’s unnatural to have the solar mid-day at 1pm. When I’m navigating by the sun and my wrist watch, it’s more complicated to find South.

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