Could provide a link to composting site recommended by a gardening friend but that’s not what came to mind. Recycle is to put to use old material for a new purpose. Resisted temptation to see if that really is what it means. That will anyway do. Recycle an old post was what I had in mind so how to revisit day 24 and fashion into a post for today. Back then it was simple , a forgotten password remembered an opportunity to be grateful. Still true but a post on remembering passwords would have a different feel today. An opportunity for a rant on whether proving who I am on a daily basis by answering questions and recalling a secret answer really is proof that I am I or me. Does recalling the name of my favourite pet demonstrate my unique contribution. No question mark as not expecting an answer. So many bits of information to recall and passwords the modern torture invented to protect us . From who, each other. Thought for the day is wish we didn’t need locks, keys and passwords to keep us safe. If only trust were enough. Alarm rings , 10 minutes has passed. A retro post done how I used to, just tapping the keys .

Have a nice day



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