A return and a challenge. This post a lesson in compromise management , to do it justice would take too much time and words , to go for glib sound bite unsatisfactory too but there is life outside the confines of this virtual world. So after much tossing and turning , dead ends and going round in circles what is there to say and do.
I’ve come to redefine compromise as trading doing what you want to do for what you have to do but don’t want to. Hope that makes sense if you haven’t been up the dead ends with me. I started this thought process with this post.
convinced there was something in redefining those small concessions we make to others as gifts. No longer so sure but there is something about the less you feel constrained the less constrained you are. So if you can see doing the things you don’t want to as a choice you feel better. Today going to be one take post. Risky but hey live a little. Discipline and redrafting till presentable will return tomorrow. Think of this an unfinished painting that when finished will be a masterpiece. A chance for you to think through the lesson for the day. Kop out or inspired who knows.

Have a good day


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