tell a tale

Once upon a time, a long time ago – and yet perhaps it wasn’t such a very long time ago – there lived …….

While I have allowed myself to be vague and occasionally ‘economical with the truth’ to preserve anonymity, this is not a cleverly crafted work of fiction drawing each day solely on my imagination. I wish sometimes it were. To be able to create a fictional world and populate it seems a highly desirable skill. My gifts lie elsewhere though who knows maybe if I practiced I would unearth a hidden artist.

I mused of course on what the ‘ether’ could possibly add to knowledge on telling of tales. I shouldn’t have been suprised to find there is someone out there who will write your tale for you.
I wish instead there was someone out there who would take the hard work out of activities of daily living. As I write realise that’s not really true, easy way would not satisfy sense of self. Guess that’s my cue to call time as not a short debate. Till the morrow.

Have a good day


2 thoughts on “tell a tale

    • Ah .. Anonymity a friend not foe when it comes to telling tales. Time the enemy. Perhaps when this ends , now I have time to tell tales will begin.

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