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Shelf Help article today found on one of those pages torn from the Sunday magazine that you mean to return to but never do. Shelf Help launched by publisher Vintage so unashamedly about selling books but that doesn’t mean should automatically be rejected. It was a year-long campaign encouraging people to pick up fiction and non-fiction instead of self-help books to help them feel better. A promise was made by publisher to readers that if they read (these) books then “they will finish 2014 happier, wiser and more inspired to explore their lives.” I’m willing to consider it could be so. Books have always been a non judgemental source of support. But it’s quite a claim, just as well it didn’t have to pass a clinical trial to be made.

Curious to find out more about this ‘wonder drug’ here a link. As ever leave you to decide what is sense and nonsense. Me I’m going to curl up in chair with a good book and add ‘reading’ to the therapy kit.

Have a good day



2 thoughts on “read books

  1. The Guardian link, besides the interesting article therein, has an ad offering me a download of Fifty Shades of Grey, though I hasten to add that I’ve got my ad preferences switched off. Shades of Grey? I think not. I am enjoying The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, grim though it is.

  2. How odd . The add I was offered was from Ariel a rather different take on 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve just finished book club choice of Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, thought provoking as a concept but hesitate to unconditionally recommend.

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