pay my way

Plan was to continue with A to Zee but ironically couldn’t face “face the future” which had come to mind. An alternative F not suitable for a family audience much as it might be therapeutic to rant on. No headed for Plan C and a post touched a chord and so “pay” it is. Her post was about money worries but there is a deeper thought here about contributing which is much more than pounds, shillings and pence. Do I still pay my way? I try to keep the scales balanced by not just taking but not always succeeding. Still no need to look to google for advice. I know I only need to succeed today by looking out not in. Time to put ‘pen’ down. No better time to start than right now.

Have a good day


2 thoughts on “pay my way

  1. Who is watching the scales? “If the heart was found to be lighter or equal in weight to the feather of Ma’at, the deceased had led a virtuous life …. The weighing of the heart, pictured in the Book of the Dead, typically shows Anubis overseeing the weighing and the lioness Ammit seated awaiting the results so she could consume those who failed.” Must have been a grossly obese lioness. No hope for anyone. Glad I’m not an Egyptian.

    You are watching the scales. I doubt that anyone else is. You are valuing yourself and wanting to make yourself worthwhile. But your value lies in who you are, not what you do. My mother has advanced dementia but she is still valuable. Some people are also valuable for what they contribute, but only if they are in a position to contribute.

    • “Your value lies in who you are not what you do” Can they really be separated? Perhaps by others but surely inner turmoil may in part be when one feels their actions are in conflict with who they think they are.

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