enjoy life

Was to be ‘engage’ today but then realised so many days and yet ‘enjoy’ had never taken centre stage. How could I not give it its day when confused margarita in full bloom, sky blue and sun shining. So what is it to take delight or pleasure in life. What does it take to make the dream come true. Simple answer but sometimes hidden from view.

Here a link not chosen because 10 tips show great insight not seen elsewhere but how could I resist a dreamer who headed to the land of the rising sun to become a ninja.

“Cool” as they might say. Though my son was unimpressed by his words, informs me a ninja is an assassin not a dreamer. Guess the internet as ever tells a good story often fairy tale not true life.  Anyway, dispel cynic for a moment and follow that dream, a good way to enjoy the journey. No need to rush, today I can take my time. Speed too fast and I may miss my turning.

Have a good day



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