dot the i’s

…and cross the t’s. Plenty of time to do things very carefully and pore over the details. Checking and rechecking to make sure no mistakes. After all didn’t Flaubert say “Le bon Dieu est dans le détail”. Meaning it’s a good thing to be meticulous and thorough in your work. I’ve lived much of my life that way. But for good reason they say “the Devil is in the detail” too. Perfection paralysis a real condition and cause of anxiety for those who do not know when to stop the checking to make sure the solution is right. All too easy for this post to never see light till perfect. That is why time rule to be honoured today. Dot those I’s and cross those T’s by all means but don’t let the devil in the detail stop you from enjoying life

Have a perfect day

just joking…..
Have a good enough day



One thought on “dot the i’s

  1. The devil is in the details. Apparently derived from the Flaubert quote. But how about this as speculation:

    [There was a] fanciful belief among printers that a special devil haunted every print shop, performing mischief such as inverting type, misspelling words or removing entire lines of completed type. The apprentice became a substitute source of blame and came to be called a printer’s devil by association.

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