be grateful

Today no word came to mind, tempted to go for “call it a day ” but then sun came out and how could I not be grateful to still be tapping the keys . Simply going to put a favourite picture sent by son here.
Can’t see the cherry blossom. Ah that’s because still need to log onto laptop and that will have to wait for another day. May be a long wait so here youtube offering till then.

Have a good day



keep calm

…and drink tea. Today plan to do both as having a kitchen philosophy therapy session with a good friend. Together developing a ritual which helps sustain. Cake features as well as tea. Coffee permitted depending on challenges that need to be addressed. As we refine the process, elegant sandwiches may be deemed essential too. I can commend as an addition to toolkit. Time.

Have a good day


lose sleep

Today confused by the clocks going forward. Unconvinced this spring ritual is of benefit , having worked so hard these past months to try to establish a natural rhythm. Interesting how in a civilised society we play with sleep as if changing the clock will fix the world.. An election promise, a 24/7 NHS but what of those who will now have their sleep disrupted . A form of torture is to deprive a person of sleep yet careless promises are made with no thought to the dreams lost of others. Today grumpy sleep confused me would wish to turn the clock not forward but back to simpler times.

Have a good night


be a superhero

Not sure I would want that much responsibility but if I did what powers would I choose. How about healing, manipulating time, being invisible and manipulating the elements. But how would I use these powers for good. How would I determine who to help without comic book script and bad guys clearly identified. I think I’ll make do with my mind already giving me the human imperfect version of all those powers . That’s enough for me. After all I’m sure this dad is to his son a superhero. And to his father his son a hero too.

Oh and spider dad is pretty fit too.

Have a good day


go with the flow

Hmm … Intended as helpful advice but a personal challenge. Heading downstream when wanted to go in opposite direction not comfortable. Natural tendency to try to desperately swim rather than relax and float. Today’s lesson about accepting things don’t always work out the way planned but that’s not the end of the world. Don’t sink into despair at the unfairness of it all just accept that’s how it is. Stop look at where I now am and start afresh. There is no doubt more to say but not now, today I’m going to delegate.

Have a good day



Don’t worry not going to provide technical advice on the most effective way to remove bits of food trapped between teeth. No, today prompted by thought that the routine of looking after myself should be added to toolkit and those little actions be valued. The routine not seen as a  chore but a hook on which to hang those new habits that will help me live the life I want. Feeling cheated? Ok here’s the video, which I hasten to add is not a sponsored link, simply a top hit.

Have a good day


listen to music

It’s All about that Bass …. Except it isn’t .

Today’s “music” choice is not for it’s quality but simply can’t  get it out of my head. One of those irritating songs that’s on permanent replay loop inside your head until something else can push it out the way. Guess that’s what makes it so successful. Would commend it for encouraging positive self image but it chooses to attack others too which seems to me to miss the point of acceptance. Happy to take away from today need to be happy with who I am but in doing so have to accept others for who they are too.

Have a good day