tackle to-do list

Another sunny morning, much rather chat to old friend than face the day’s ought to-do list. Before start today still tasks spilling over from yesterday and the day before. Like a sink full of washing up with food baked hard to make a task avoided harder. So where to find resolve to just jump in and start to clear mess.. no list. Wish for easy dishwasher option though dishwasher not keen on monday’s dishes either.

Blog not even providing respite need to add to to-do Add an interesting/funny/quirky image at this point. For now just imagine it’s there …

Even so still enjoying this return to a free text spontaneous post but will it achieve the desired objective of getting me either to do something or being contented with status quo if elm’t&t …?! When auto spell starts to issue complete nonsense it’s time to call time.

Have a productive day and failing that have a good day anyway.

Have a nice day



2 thoughts on “tackle to-do list

    • I knew I was off track when spotted “make a list” on the list hidden between exercise and fridge. Thanks for links all three raised a wry smile and comfort of knowing it’s not just me.

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