listen to music

Today on one of those days when head full of cotton wool rather than words a music choice. Why Tosca? why not. A google choice surfacing to the top. A challenge or a pleasure? I know where I stand but what of thee.

Have a good day



One thought on “listen to music

  1. I know where I stand. Opera is silly. I play in orchestras and someone once tried to convert me to opera. He put on the end of The Mastersingers (Wagner). A tenor would have turned me off immediately but the chorus sounded quite nice. I asked to see the libretto – in English. To paraphase what they were singing: “Up with music, up with Gernany, down with foreigners.” I do enjoy a bit of Baroque opera occasionally, though, as long as I don’t know what it’s all about. (Definition of Baroque in the context of architecture: “heavy curves, fat ladies and cupids”; from Dr Johnson’s London by LIza Picard, an excellent book)

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