see problems

Seeing problems is easy and could fill all the time available but a more worthwhile activity is solving them. I state that as if it’s a fact but it’s an opinion. I choose to treat it as a fact in the belief it will make me more contented. Just seeing problems is now a large part of my problem.

So having decided to solve problems what do I need? Well with smartphone in hand there is plenty of advice out there. I will  though start today the old fashioned way by settling down at desk with pen and paper. No distractions, temptation to google instead of think.  Writing will help me focus and relax and so lead to solutions. So they say, not plagiarising and refusing to acknowledge have simply lost the source. Leave you to google and find it. It is already time for me for today

Have a good day


One thought on “see problems

  1. Your post reminds of the old annual confidential report forms for civil servants. I particularly remember the trinity of foresight, penetration and judgment upon which staff were assessed. Foresight is what you have plenty of, to see problems. What you need to solve problems is creativity. I don’t think that was included as a category for assessment. Creativity was not valued in the civil service. Rather the opposite, I think. I had too much of it for comfort, at the expense of judgment. You are on the right road by eschewing google today. Googling is for plagiarists rather than creatives.

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