sit in the sun

Ah to sit in the early morning sun listening to the silence. Well the humm of the fridge which is not much longer to be with us. Odd how I attach a personality to an object as a holder of memories past. I will miss it… though if French would miss him. Him suits the fridge, solid, reliable ,dependable, till age caught up with it. Not efficient like the youngsters but will they last as long.

Anyway google led me to a folk tale so here the story of why cats sit in the sun.

And here Basil the cat … in the sun

Have a peaceful day



2 thoughts on “sit in the sun

    • Quite possibly. Those traits alone do not make him him. Something about his physical presence too. I am wondering now if you asked others whether they would say my fridge was a he, she or it. What then would their answers say about them and me. Have a good day

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