Another day, another cupcake! Milestone reached. Time for tea


Have a great day



tackle to-do list

Another sunny morning, much rather chat to old friend than face the day’s ought to-do list. Before start today still tasks spilling over from yesterday and the day before. Like a sink full of washing up with food baked hard to make a task avoided harder. So where to find resolve to just jump in and start to clear mess.. no list. Wish for easy dishwasher option though dishwasher not keen on monday’s dishes either.

Blog not even providing respite need to add to to-do Add an interesting/funny/quirky image at this point. For now just imagine it’s there …

Even so still enjoying this return to a free text spontaneous post but will it achieve the desired objective of getting me either to do something or being contented with status quo if elm’t&t …?! When auto spell starts to issue complete nonsense it’s time to call time.

Have a productive day and failing that have a good day anyway.

Have a nice day



Dig for victory , today tales from the allotment. Good advice on how to deal with cabbage leaf butterflies and when to sow radishes and rocket. Gardening a simple pleasure, satisfying to watch bare earth turn into a riot of colours and scents.

All this true but today actually was thinking “dig deep”, to call on that reserve within when things are not going to plan. To persevere when easier to give up. Unearth the seed of hope hidden within which if nourished by determination will make a dream possible.

Couldn’t finish without a gardening tip. I realise it doesn’t involve any digging but I’m sure one could dig that bed if it made you feel better.

Have a good day


listen to music

Today on one of those days when head full of cotton wool rather than words a music choice. Why Tosca? why not. A google choice surfacing to the top. A challenge or a pleasure? I know where I stand but what of thee.

Have a good day


see problems

Seeing problems is easy and could fill all the time available but a more worthwhile activity is solving them. I state that as if it’s a fact but it’s an opinion. I choose to treat it as a fact in the belief it will make me more contented. Just seeing problems is now a large part of my problem.

So having decided to solve problems what do I need? Well with smartphone in hand there is plenty of advice out there. I will  though start today the old fashioned way by settling down at desk with pen and paper. No distractions, temptation to google instead of think.  Writing will help me focus and relax and so lead to solutions. So they say, not plagiarising and refusing to acknowledge have simply lost the source. Leave you to google and find it. It is already time for me for today

Have a good day


sit in the sun

Ah to sit in the early morning sun listening to the silence. Well the humm of the fridge which is not much longer to be with us. Odd how I attach a personality to an object as a holder of memories past. I will miss it… though if French would miss him. Him suits the fridge, solid, reliable ,dependable, till age caught up with it. Not efficient like the youngsters but will they last as long.

Anyway google led me to a folk tale so here the story of why cats sit in the sun.

And here Basil the cat … in the sun

Have a peaceful day


Carpe Diem

Don’t just sit back seize the day!

Squeeze from this life every drop it has to offer.

Live, Laugh,Love. Be amazing. Be me.

Looking for a quote from great and good to finish this off , dithering, spoilt for choice.  Then son said “yolo” , modern version of this old sentiment, simple and to the point though of course may not be true.

Have a brilliant day