obey orders

“So, to obey, or not to obey? It depends on the order. Military members disobey orders at their own risk. They also obey orders at their own risk. An order to commit a crime is unlawful. An order to perform a military duty, no matter how dangerous is lawful, as long as it doesn’t involve commission of a crime. ” U.S. Military

Well that’s how it is working for Uncle Sam. Real life just as ambiguous with need to use judgement rather than blindly obey. So where is the signpost pointing towards on this journey. North came to mind but thats not helpful. What is to be learnt today. To comply with a command issued by self or others will be wise or foolish depending on the circumstances.

I’m going to choose to try to obey the following daily ‘order’. You make your own decision.

Have a good day.



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