1. (usually follow by up) to make or become happy or hopeful; comfort or be comforted

2. to applaud with shouts

3. (when: tr, sometimes follow by on) to encourage (a team, person, etc) with shouts, esp in contests

Methinks ‘cheer up’ an excellent choice for a Now I have time to A to Z. To comfort or be comforted part of the core mission. Will it be achieved by key tapping. Not alone. Comforting that I  can still find words each day that express emotions and thoughts but the words greater value is if they help thoughts translate into acts. As for being happy now view as a series of moments not a permanent state. They say “Cheer up it may never happen” and sometimes I think it already has. Well cheer up then anyway , pause, acknowledge and move on. Hope unlike happiness can always be present.

Have a good day



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