obey orders

“So, to obey, or not to obey? It depends on the order. Military members disobey orders at their own risk. They also obey orders at their own risk. An order to commit a crime is unlawful. An order to perform a military duty, no matter how dangerous is lawful, as long as it doesn’t involve commission of a crime. ” U.S. Military

Well that’s how it is working for Uncle Sam. Real life just as ambiguous with need to use judgement rather than blindly obey. So where is the signpost pointing towards on this journey. North came to mind but thats not helpful. What is to be learnt today. To comply with a command issued by self or others will be wise or foolish depending on the circumstances.

I’m going to choose to try to obey the following daily ‘order’. You make your own decision.

Have a good day.



nibble nuts

No great insight intended by today’s choice. Natter and nonsense could have pushed nibbling nuts aside. Noble nonsense, noise, nobody notices nothing . Today just providing thinking time. Permission to meditate while squirrel is nibbling nuts.

Have a good day


muddle through

To succeed in doing something despite having no clear plan, method or suitable equipment.

Having recently killed time decided against murder or manipulate today. Feel free to look back if you missed. No today ‘muddle through’ perfect for a post that won’t then require careful checking and rechecking. One of my favourite definitions was ‘to achieve a degree of success without much planning or effort.’ Couldn’t help but feel success with little effort was ideal. Perhaps I need to muddle through more and worry and plan less.

Today as a bonus here’s murder too.

Have a good day


live with less

Today need space. Feeling trapped by stuff. Buried underneath it all. Dismay at steady stream of new things marching into house while old resolutely fights to stay. It’s suffocating me, it’s pressing on my soul. Often feel to light a match and walk out the door. Did I really say that. Bit dark today. I’m just angry that I can’t just throw it away and start afresh. Stop the consumer merry go round or at least jump off if others enjoy the ride. I dream of calm ordered space but am still in nightmare when open my eyes. Live life less. Hmm was that slip mine or autocorrect. Live with less. Here today’s external link that offers neat solutions. If only it were so simple. Maybe it is in the parallel world.


Have a good day



I have time to kill ie nothing to do for a particular period, what if I choose then to kill time ie do something which is not useful or interesting while waiting for time to pass. Is it a crime? Thou shalt not kill a moral imperative though strictly thou shall not murder as killing justified even encouraged in some circumstances…..But let’s not stray from point. Killing time is a foolish crime. There may not seem to be a penalty but there is , the loss of something precious and irreplaceable. No need to worry though as I’m not convinced you can really murder time. After all there is always something useful one can do to pass time even if it is to mindfully do nothing. What say you. Have I been killing time today?

Have a good day



“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”

Could have been ‘jog’ today now that’s a joke. Instead giving humour a chance to takes centre stage. To laugh at others instead of with them cruel and unkind. But laughter is therapy too, to share a joke, a moment together essential in good and bad times. They always say that on their death bed no one wishes they had spent more time at work. I would add I don’t plan to regrets laughing with family and friends too often or not being serious enough.

Is there time for another joke? Just. I haven’t got time or words left for full tale of the two starving escaped prisoners and how they were caught. Let you fill in the gaps here the punch line. One yells to the other as he is climbing down from a tree that is surrounded by police “I told you it wasn’t a bacon tree its a ham bush.”

Have a fun day