be grateful

Tossed and turned trying to find a word that was fresh and positive without success and wandered off to a favourite blog and found the answer .

While being positive is good, telling myself I should be positive is not always the way forward . I know I should be positive and grateful but sometimes trying to force it simply pushes me further down when I don’t feel that way. Released from ‘should’ then it’s easy to see the glass half full. The words flow. Do I wish my sons were close by today? Of course but I’m grateful they are independent and happily living their lives. Would I wish them afraid to fly away? Of course not. I’m grateful they are here in my heart and only a text away.

I’m grateful too for my husbands stubbornness in the face of my frustrations and discontent. His insistence all will be well and childlike enthusiasm for festive season to my ba humbug.

I’m grateful to all my family and friends who when they see me cold with despair try to wrap me up warmly with their love and care.

I’m grateful I can write another day and still feel angry and happy and sad not just feel nothing.

I’m grateful that I can choose to enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow.

Have a good day



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