be angry

A post often started and put aside but today let it be anger’s day. They say anger is an emotional response to a perceived threat. If so, I feel angry so often must be living in a battle zone. Angry with those I love and who love me and most of all myself. But do I want to live this way. No. After all isn’t anger supposed to be a primitive survival prompt for constructive action not an act of self destruction.

I need to accept that life will be filled with frustration, pain, loss, and the unpredictable actions of others. Foolish to say it shouldn’t be that way … that is just fanning the flames. I can’t change how it is but I can try to change the way I let events affect me. If anger is about losing control then if it helps me I should work hard to claw some control back. A good start would be to find misplaced sense of fun. Angry birds mash up leads the way.

Have a good day


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