Short and sweet tonight. New Year’s Eve may be just another day but like every day it is a chance for a fresh start. Take it.

As for video choice keeping with tradition though not sure why fireworks are favoured symbol for celebration.Time to countdown 10,9,8,…… answer will have to wait for another day.

2013 fireworks

2014 fireworks

Have a great life.



live my life

Didn’t know what would surface till fingers touched screen. Live life to the full. Live each day. Live a better life. Here a blog which starts to explore what and how and then just stops, I suspect life got in the way, chose to ‘unplug’ from virtual world. Live life not document it. Today I shall do the same.

Have a better day



The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Tis the season for giving. I am fortunate, instead of latest must have gadgets,hidden beneath the wrapping paper,ribbon and shiny bows many selfless gifts of support from family and friends. What of me? Could do better says report card and my present to myself is to try harder.

Have a good day



When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.
– Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller

Today was going to return to old friend/foe embrace change. No new insight but just hope that 30 day programme would work if I persevered. Know it is time to discard whatever is weighing me down, only then can I move forward freely but still reluctant to let go of possessions, thoughts, routines. Unwilling to break free held by invisible ties. Then realised what friend had meant when suggested Reset. I puzzled at their choice. Why would I want to go back? But today can see reset in a different light. If thinking deflected off course reset is an opportunity to get back on track. Instead of continuing with negative thoughts, press reset. Fresh start. I shall try, my time to play games.

Have a good day



Have steered away from causes and activism, that for another blog but excess of pre Christmas nibbles left me curious as to absence of butter and ever present palm oil. Discovered this link
And now avoiding everything with palm oil for 40 days which will be good for my hips and liver if this article true. Probably be good for me even if not true given the items it gets put in.

Have a healthy day


eat leftovers

Yesterday reflection today fun well food to be more exact. An indulgent break from the serious business of life lessons. Like Nigel the pleasure for me is creating something delicious from the bits others would just throw away. I’ve chosen the one example the BBC made available on youtube but there are better offerings if you head for the iplayer.

And as a bonus found these stilton puffs, perfect nibbles on a cold winter day.

Have a good day



Today short and sweet, time for family and friends not crafting blog. Inspired by last years Christmas message from her Majesty. Yes a day to enjoy but take a moment to reflect too. I can understand if the unfairness of being born to privilege upsets and deafens you to her words but why not today shut eyes and listen to words from someone who has seen and done many things in her lifetime as if she were someone else. 

Have a Merry Christmas

Have a joyful and peaceful day.