Engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness

Why wouldn’t I want to undertake activities to sustain or improve health. A question needing an answer. Have applied discipline to many things , rubik cube and daily blog to name but two. Same approach to exercise has sadly not been found and sustained. Need to find way to make those daily stretches just as routine as this tapping of the keys. Not accepting any excuses for missing a day.

As ever much internet advice. Where to start? ‘Put your shoes on’ the tip that most appealed, essentially dress as if going to gym and then get to gym and then …. at each stage free to stop but may when free to do so continue instead. Worth a try. Will create an exercise spot, time slot and take it from there. Simplicity is the key. Oh and determination and belief it will make a difference.

Time for today, time to head for that exercise spot,

Have a good day


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