save time

Only when deeply depressed have I considered how much simpler my life would be if I stopped cooking and eating. Yet on today’s Internet wander found this BBC article which stopped me in my tracks. Apparently a new food substitute Soylent is being promoted as a way to save time. The manufactures claim Soylent ,a drink made by adding oil and water to a specially prepared powder, contains all the nutrients the human body needs. No need to waste time preparing real meals.

Brilliant idea? I think not. Replacing food with 3 drinks a day doesn’t sound like freedom, sounds like punishment, hard core dieting for the overweight. Easier to understand if they had channeled their efforts into tackling world hunger. Guess no profit there, wonder which natural resources Soylent uses to create time saver for the rich which means of little benefit to poor.

Anyway, why would you want to give up the smell, the texture, the sharing with family and friends of real food. What would you do with those extra 60 minutes that would give you more pleasure. Each to their own but won’t be adding to toolkit for a better life. Simpler life yes but then be clear on what life’s pleasures are , time to wake up and smell that coffee and bacon butty. I’ll let Nigel tempt you to start the day the old fashioned way.

Have a good day



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