write poetry

Please hear me

I have no words for you
You cannot hear what I say
A translation cannot be made when
all you hear is noise not words
There is no bridge to cross
The sound distorted turns from a whisper
into a roar, anger unleashed
For peace I must stay with the silence
I have no words for you.

Not necessarily a great work but it is my own. Notice I’m being defensive, deflecting a not yet voiced but anticipated criticism. A lesson to learn on this journey is to not fear the judgement of others. Their opinions are valid but do not change my worth.

So does this evoke the emotion intended. For me one of life’s frustrations now is trying to get those close to me to hear me, to see the world for just a moment through my eyes. Frustration turning to anger and then retreat. I expect it is equally frustrating for them too. I need to listen better. I need to find the words.

Have a good day



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